Trinity Church Harlem Poem | Ryan Ngala

Trinity Church Harlem 

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written 
Mr. Ryan Ngala
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It's a beautiful sunny day,
To start on a fabulous Sunday,
Where in the heart of Harlem,
Lies what's in beneath the center of a local school located in 122nd Street,
Between Lenox Avenue & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. 

The old church between 130th & 131st Street,
Gets destroyed by a bomb cyclone,
But I guess the storm wouldn’t leave the building alone,
It just left danger and destruction inside along with it. 

Where there are no rules allowed,
Only just to love and praise for the person who created you to become,
I guess there is no one else greater,
Then the one and only Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. 

Where the congregation of people,
From all ages above,
Who styles in their fabulous but gorgeous good looking clothes,
Who loves the Lord for who he is in the Holy Bible. 

From bible verses for which they will start to scroll,
As they start to sing all day long,
They gives their tithes unto the Lord,
For which is better to give than to receive ten percent for what all you guys really earned. 

This named of this church has been known all around the world,
So that Pastors can preach to the people of the congregation of God's word,
From scriptures of the bible to let their voices be heard,
They wouldn't known if it witness it's power unto the Lord. 

This is the church that I love so very much,
As it show so much diversity within the community,
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are coming from,
But just to let them know that this church home is where You will always Belong. 

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