National Anthem Protest | Ryan Ngala

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Mr. Ryan Ngala
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During a game at the National Football League,
The football players was not standing as much,
But eventually it was such a shame that many fans just feel so disgusted,
I didn’t expect a person who wants to take a knee. 

The Take A Knee movement that started with football quarterback,
Lead to a nationwide protest from live broadcast games across the globe,
But one football quarterback from the San Francisco 49ers,
His name was Colin Kaepernick. 

A man who just wanted to change the status quo,
Just decided he wanted to try something new in his state of mind,
But just doing whatever he wants to do to take a knee during the Star Spangled Banner,
But I’m afraid that this stint didn’t sit to well for the President Of the United States Of America. 

With a war of words against the NFL and NBA,
President Trump then too wanted to start a statewide political Alabama rally,
Starting making his pitch,
As he call out Colin Kaepernick a “son of a bitch”. 

But why does everything else have to do with the president,
When this has absolutely nothing to do with him,
Out of all of the devastation that is happening in the world that we live in,
This topic about professional athletes taking a knee, that’s what irritates you the most. 

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