Mr. Geoffrey Canada (HCZ's Very Own) Poem | Ryan Ngala

Mr. Geoffrey Canada (HCZ's Very Own)

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written
Mr. Ryan Ngala
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He's one of the best,

Independent and greatest,

Harlem Children's Zone's very own after school president,

That I ever met.

Who considers to become,

One of the best role models,

In the entire planet,

As his goal was to take young smart, talented & educated adults and kids,

From the streets of New York City.

In one day make a change,

And a difference,

So they can all make it to go to college,

Just to gain more knowledge.

At his press conference earlier recently,

He announced his resignation,

To stepped down as CEO of the company,

So that Ms. Anne Williams - Isom could takeover his position later this summer,

But at least he won't be gone forever.

Alongside with Mr. George Khaldun,

His business partner,

A well known founder of the Harlem Children's Zone program,

For his future and brighter success.

He will always comes to work,

With his suit and tie on,

Because he will always,

Dress to impress.

His dream and his vision,

To impact the entire world,

To let every young voice be heard,

From across the entire globe.

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