Occupy Wall Street Poem | Ryan Ngala

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Mr. Ryan Ngala
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I’ve never thought,
That this day,
Would become a reality.

When police come to the rescue,
And begin to charge the protesters,
In a brutal militaristic assault.

When the Occupy Wall Street rally,
Has finally just begun,
Many have come to chant during the march,
But it was not much fun.

As many protesters march throughout,
The town of Wall Street,
So many police officers were on the scene,
As they came to shut it down.

Not knowing of themselves,
That they were going to,
Get caught in the middle of the act,
Hurting so many businesses and families.

That it ends right here,
As violence starts to escalate,
In the middle of nowhere.

Starting to chant and scream,
When they started to raise their voices,
Screaming for no job cuts,
As the American people,
Continue to say.

So they approach,
As they continue to march,
Wow, they can do this all day and night.

They sleep in their tents,
So off they went,
To march some more,
Not just in New York.

But all over the world,
Extra, Extra, read all about it,
The entire news media,
Is covering this insane breaking news story.

But when it’s all said and done,
And the rest is history,
This will be the greatest story ever told,
And I’m so glad that this is all over.


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