Ms. Diana Cruz (Harlem Children's Zone's C.S.O’s Former Staff Advisor) Poem | Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written 
Mr. Ryan Ngala

This starts off with a good story,
With a former HCZ C.S.O staff advisor,
Who considers to become one of the best independent woman,
That I ever met.

Who doesn't consider not given up on each students dreams and goals,
In hopes to pursue a better future,
When she first laid eyes on me,
I knew that she wanted to help me.

Finding a good job and making good money,
For which I see her in my neighborhood,
So we start making a conversation,
Telling her where I was going.

I never consider meeting a woman,
Who was so kind and generous to me,
I asked here what her age was,
She said "I'm forty-three".

I met her in the office,
She saw my performance at the talent show,
That Ms. Angelique Figueroa video taped,
And shown to her on her iPhone.

She saw that I had an amazing voice,
When I started to sing,
"This Christmas" By Mary J. Blige,
So I started to sing it loud,
Even though I make her proud.

Telling her what I did today,
Giving me a big hug everyday,
Who appreciates everything that I've done for her,
And yes Ms. Diana Cruz,
You're the bomb diggity.


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