My Momma Told Me Poem | Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written 
Mr. Ryan Ngala
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My Momma,
Told Me,
To never talk,
To strangers.

As these broke jokers,
Will be asking us for money,
But don't give us anything in return.

My Momma told me,
To keep on hustling,
And finding a job.

For a maximum minimum wage paid,
And that someday,
I'm going to become,
Filthy rich one day.

To always wake up,
My siblings early,
And also brushing,
My teeth daily.

My momma,
Was also very,
Young and educated.

She was born in Nigeria,
Came to America,
To raise us like grown up kids,
We are today.

My Momma told me,
To study and work hard,
Just to stay focus and pay attention,
But also listen on,
What she has to say.

From oldest to youngest,
As the next generations,
Of super smart rich kids,
We were destine to become to be.


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