What Makes Them Girls So Beautiful? (What Is It?!!!) Poem | Ryan Ngala

What Makes Them Girls So Beautiful? 
(What Is It?!!!) 

Mr. Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written 
Mr. Ryan Ngala
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Is it by the way they walk,
Or by the way they talk dirty,
To dem boys,
As they flirt on 'Em,
Having them listening to their favorite jam song of the day,
Courtesy of R. Kelly.

What Is It?,
Is it by the way they,
Whip their hair,
Back and Forth
Courtesy of Willow,
Just to show 'em how,
Much their really worth.

And let 'em know who,
The baddest boss there is,
These chicks will be,
So flossy.

So stylish,
So cute,
And all so very pretty,
Destine to be victorious,
In every area of New York City.

What Is It?,
Is it by the way,
Dem lip gloss will be popping,
As they step on to the scene,
Looking so fresh as hell,
As they step into the movie screen.


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